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What Is This Call For?

Not sure this call is for you? Chances are, it is! On this call, we'll cover...

Identify Where You Are

Clear goals are only as effective as your ability to execute them. Together, we'll establish a long-term plan to actualize your unique vision and purpose by addressing key questions. 

Clarify Your Goals

Your unique book idea means your goals vary. Whether it's for business growth, creating impact, leaving a legacy, or building a fiction author career, we provide tailored advice based on your specific desires.

The Best Next Step

At the end of our call, you'll have a personalized plan with the most crucial next step, whether it's partnering with us at Selfpublishing.com or utilizing alternative resources. It's the best hour you'll invest in your book.

We can provide the next step, but you have to take the first one. Are you in?

Traditionally Published Quality Without The Restrictions, But With All Of The Royalties.


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