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  • Personalized Feedback, Insights and Advice (from Best-Selling Fiction Authors) to Get You on Track and Give You the Roadmap You Need to Succeed.

  • Gain Clarity on the Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make as an Author and Learn Exactly What to do Next to Write and Launch Books that Inspire Children, Drive Sales, Create Raving Fans, and Open Doors That Most People Only Dream About!

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  • Get Clear on the Biggest Pitfalls and Roadblocks that Most Children's Book Authors Make and Learn How to Overcome Them Using Our Proven, Step-by-Step Systems

  • Learn About the Many Distribution Channels Available to You - and How We Can Help You Get Your Book Published Faster, Easier, and with Fewer Headaches Than You Ever Thought Possible



  • Get  Answers to Your Biggest Questions So You Can Hit the Ground Running and Focus on the One Thing That is Going to Actually Get Your Book Published and Launched: Writing

  • Walk Away With Feedback on Your Book, Clarity on the Best Next Steps for Your Personalized Author Journey, and an Action Plan to Turn Your Most Ambitious Goals into Reality


Who is "Children's Book School" For?

childrens book school author 1 (500 × 333 px)Storytellers & Inspirational Writers

You know that way to change the world for the better, is to start at the root - with children. Your stories will inspire them to be their best selves, love themselves, and love others. 

You have a way of weaving story into morals and tales that kids remember, and want to hear about.


childrens book school author 3 (500 × 333 px) (1)Parents of Budding Authors

Your child surprises you everyday...and recently, you've thought, "This kid could write an amazing book!" You want to encourage them, but you don't know where to start.

We've helped so many young authors, just like your child, write and publish amazing children's books. Some young authors put their royalties from book sales toward college tuition, while others donate to non-profits! Of course, "Published Author" looks amazing on a college application!

childrens book school author 2 (500 × 333 px)Legacy Authors

Whenever you tell young children of your stories growing up - their eyes widen and their jaw just drops. "But how! How did you live without internet!?" You laugh.

In today's busy world, children are missing generational stories - stories that show them a time of quiet and peace. Stories that reveal how to live a fulfilled life - slow, and present. Your unique childhood could show them that. 


childrens book school author 3 (500 × 333 px) (2)Professionals Who Work With Children

One of our students owns a dental practice. So many children were afraid of the dentist, that he decided to write a book about how dentist help people - and give the books to his patients and their parents. The children LOVED it.

Your book could be used to help you attract new pediatric clients or help other kids to move to a more positive mindset. 


Chandler Bolt


Chandler self-published his first book in 2014 that immediately became an Amazon bestseller. 

Since then, he has successfully self-published 6 more Amazon bestsellers.

After his initial success, Chandler created a framework, a repeatable system, that he turned into a business with the launch of Self-Publishing School, which has:

  • Grown from $0 to $20+ Million in only 7 short years
  • Featured in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for 3 years in a row.
  • Chandler was recently featured in Forbes Top 30 Under 30 

Self-Publishing School is an online personal development curriculum that includes personal and group coaching components.

The goal of Self-Publishing School is to help people achieve their dreams of making a positive impact in the world (while earning passive income through book sales) by sharing their stories through writing and self-publishing books.


We're committed to impacting 120,000,000 lives
by helping people tell their story.

If you want impact lives by growing your business, write a book.


Self-Publishing School was built on the proven concept that "books change lives" and we believe building a business from your book increases that impact.
On average, one published book can impact and change 1200 lives - including yours - the author!
We know to make an impact in our world for good, we need to help as many people as possible write and publish the books they have inside them...
We've helped over 8,850 people publish their books already. Are you ready to write your book?
In this training, you'll get everything you need to start writing your book and how you can leverage it to grow your business exponentially this year - all inside this 45-minute class.

We've Helped Over 8,850 People in 90 countries on 6 Continents Become Authors

From "C-Average" English students, to C-Suite Executives, we can help you, too!

From A Children's Book Author

Susie Launched Her Book, Gave Back To Her Community, & Launched A New Career

After a fire raged through her community, burning down many of her neighbor's homes, Susie wanted to do something to address the confusion and the suffering around her. 

Her children's book, "Where's My House" helps children cope with loss. She used the book as a launch pad to bring awareness and now is directing the Junior Authors Program.


Susie Harder

Author of Where's My House? Sierra National Forest

Susie published her best selling children’s book “Where’s My House?: Sierra National Forest” to empower and encourage children that had lost their homes in the largest wildfire in California state history.

The ensuin
g PR opportunities led to a documentary, and quickly grew into a global literacy-based program designed to engage kids in writing and publishing their own books while directing to the proceeds to support the local community.

Aiden M. Taylor

Author of Me and My Afro
Bestselling Children's Book Author

Aiden was only 11 years old when he write his first book together with his mom Monique Taylor. Book is about self love! 


Meredith Tullous

Author of A Gift to Remember
Bestselling Children's Book Author

  • Joined SPS march 2020
  • Published June 2020
  • Have had periods of selling 25 books per day!
  • Over 220 reviews on Amazon
  • Got interviewed by Chandler on the SPS podcast in november 2020!

Deborah Haile and son, Jonah Seyum

Authors of Finding My Amigo in Cuba

  • Got featured in TripAdvisor, Buzzfeed, Travel Noire, Authority Magazine, Billion Success
  • Featured on 15 + podcasts
  • In 2021, Jonah won “The Youngest Author Award” for publishing at 7 years old!

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