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idea-5-Mar-07-2024-11-07-20-8204-AMGet Clarity
Whether your book is just an idea or it's already finished, you'll leave this training with a concrete plan for using a book to get your message out to the masses.
target-3-Mar-07-2024-11-07-20-7956-AMGet Focus
When there are so many different ways to get your story out to the world, where's the best place to start? We'll help you navigate the world of opportunity.
shuttle-Mar-07-2024-11-07-20-9160-AMTake Action
Using an agile approach, you'll learn how to create your book roadmap - create, execute and complete. This is where your book really comes to life.



Chandler Bolt

Founder and CEO of SelfPublishing.com


Chandler Bolt is an investor, the CEO of selfpublishing.com, a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, and the author of seven bestselling books, including his most recent book titled “Published.”


Selfpublishing.com is an INC 5000 company the last four years in a row as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. 

Jenna Kutcher


Jenna Kutcher

NYT Bestselling Author of How Are You, Really?


Jenna Kutcher is a small-town Minnesota bestselling author, podcaster, educator, photographer, and mom of two with a massive dream: to see people wake up to their lives.


She hosts The Goal Digger Podcast, the #1 Marketing Podcast in the country and has taught thousands of students her tried and true strategies to building a business that works for them so they can get back to living a life they love.




We help publish an average of 2 books every single day. Will your be next?


“I ended up with $70,000 in cash at the end of it - I had 40 students and then I had another 12 that was in receivables. So I ended up, with that launch, doing $82,000 total. My life changed, because I listened to what you told me!”


– DR. Soni Wright


"After going through the process of publishing I doubled my revenue. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had the assistance of selfpublishing.com giving me all the tools that allowed me to elevate myself at the level I did.”


– Lisa Schermerhorn
Kokeb McDonald

“My first book did really well. I earned more from that book than I did from my first paycheck as an occupational therapist….I would not have created all of this if I had not written a book.”


– Kokeb McDonald




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