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Use the calendar below to book a time that works for you in the next 48 hours...
Use the calendar below to book a time that works for you in the next 48 hours...

Self-Publishing School takes the complicated and makes it simple...giving people a proven path from blank page to 10,000 copies sold with concrete and actionable steps.   

A book is the “key that opens the door to Narnia” ...a world of opportunity that only exists for published authors. Everyone has a story inside that they’re desperate to tell...Self-Publishing School just gives you the key.





Why You Should Book A Call Right Now...

lightbulb-1GET CLARITY

  • Personalized Feedback, Insights and Advice (from Best-Selling Fiction Authors) to Get You on Track and Give You the Roadmap You Need to Succeed.

  • Gain Clarity on the Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make as an Author and Learn Exactly What to do Next to Write and Launch Books that Drive Sales, Create Raving Fans, and Open Doors That Most People Only Dream About!

focus-1GET FOCUS

  • Get Clear on the Biggest Pitfalls and Roadblocks that Most Authors Make and Learn How to Overcome Them Using Our Proven, Step-by-Step Systems

  • Learn About the Many Distribution Channels Available to You - and How We Can Help You Get Your Book Published Faster, Easier, and with Fewer Headaches Than You Ever Thought Possible



  • Get  Answers to Your Biggest Questions So You Can Hit the Ground Running and Focus on the One Thing That is Going to Actually Get Your Book Published and Launched: Writing

  • Walk Away With Feedback on Your Book, Clarity on the Best Next Steps for Your Personalized Author Journey, and an Action Plan to Turn Your Most Ambitious Goals into Reality

What's the goal of the Self-Publishing School Fiction Program?

Help as many people as possible achieve their dreams of making a positive impact in the world (while having FUN and earning passive income through book sales) by sharing their stories through writing and self-publishing books.

Meet Your New Fiction Coaches



Bestselling Fiction Author of 64 books (and counting)...

  • Published over 60 books in 8 years
  • Writes kickass Urban Fantasy thrillers set in the GoneGod World (and elsewhere)
  • Has successfully coached hundreds of students to successfully write and launch their fiction books
  • Coaches over 800 fiction authors in the exclusive Fiction Authors Community Group



Fiction Bestselling Author, Montrose Paranormal Academy

  • Author of two Urban Fantasy Series, including Montrose Paranormal Academy and Shadowstone Academy
  • 9 books published with the SPS system
  • Over 400 5-Star reviews on Amazon
  • 2,000+ newsletter subscribers - people waiting to hear about her next book!
  • Amazon & International Bestselling Author & successful series and box set author
  • Fiction coach to hundreds of students in the Self-Publishing School Fiction Program


Who is "Fundamentals of Fiction"
Self Publishing Program For?

pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-9572728 (1)-1Paralyzed, Scared-To-Move Writers

“Before the program, I thought my book had to be perfect, and I had no idea what went into producing a book.” 

You have a story to tell, or a million of them, but you just don’t know where to start. You know there’s a lot to learn, and it feels overwhelming.

In addition to not knowing the steps to write, publish, and market your book, you battle feelings of doubt.

“Can I even do this? Am I even good enough? Do I have the skills? Do I have what it takes? Someone else could tell this story better than I could…”

What you need is a step-by-step curriculum to show you every step from outlining or drafting your novel to successfully launching your fiction work of art - even the steps you didn’t know existed.

What you yearn for is a familiar friend to help you along your path, show you the blind spots, and call out the fierce author inside you.

What you dream of is a community of like-minded authors, all moving through this journey together - learning, growing, supporting each other - as you each strive to tell your story.

Author friends who started from scratch also, and can encourage you, give you the confidence that you can do this, and give you hope - by showing you all they have accomplished, all they have built, starting from 0 and building up from there.

A community of friends that show you that yes, you, you as you are right now - can do this, too.

Our fiction program was designed with you in mind. We modeled our content, our groups, our coaching programs - all from what is working now to write and publish books successfully.

This is your home. This is your community. This is your path forward.


writer3-1Flopped, Published Authors

“I had already published one book prior to joining (Fundamentals of Fiction), and it hardly sold anything.”

You did it! You wrote and published your book! In the flurry of excitement, you waited for the book sales to come pouring in. You waited for the 5-star reviews to flood your author profile. And then….crickets.

What happened? What went wrong?

“As a writer, there’s no idea of the amount of business and marketing skills you have to learn. It can be very daunting. There is no sign that says, 'Come here, we will help you.'"

You don’t just need to learn how to write and package your book for sales, you need to learn how to market it (Pssst, some of the marketing goes into how you write the book itself).

Your book could be fantastic, amazing, coveting 300+ 5-star reviews, but unless people can see, unless they know about it, you won’t get those sales and those reviews.

Inside our programs, we don’t just teach how to write and publish fiction books (using a framework that has helped thousands of writers get unstuck, and write faster, writing full series in ½ the time they thought possible)...

We teach you how to sell your books - without being salesy.

How to put your books in front of the right readers who are scouring the internet right now - looking for books like yours.

And then, we teach you how to make those sales, that income, consistent - so you can grow into the fulltime fiction author you’ve always dreamed of.


writer4-1Full-time Fiction Aspirational Authors

SPOILER ALERT:  You’ve been misled.

Somewhere, you bought into the message that the only way for you to become a full-time fiction author and achieve your dreams was to sell your book to a publishing house.

And that can work, but they turn down more manuscripts than they accept. At the end of the day, after they take the lion’s share of the profit, you get a much smaller royalty check, and your confidence is shaken.

What they’re not telling you, is that you can keep all the royalties, all the creative rights, and become a successful 6-figure full-time author - off a little known secret called “Kindle Unlimited page reads.”

“What I do know, without a doubt, is if I follow the Fundamentals of Fiction and Full-time Fiction Author steps Ramy has deftly, generously, and passionately laid out for us, I'll be able to keep writing and publishing fiction series for the long haul. Now that's a dream come true.”

We’ve already shown hundreds of writers the “New Way” to go full time. The Old Guard is out. It’s time to revolutionize the “how” of “how to become a full-time fiction writer”.

Our fiction coaches have mapped it out. Done the work. And use this same method to bring in checks every month. We’ll show you how to also.


Self-Publishing School Fiction Students Results

Ashley Wrote Her Way To USA Today's Bestselling Author, While Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

Ashley knew she wanted to be a full-time author and stay-at-home mom. She wanted help - someone to show her the way so that she didn't get stuck in the endless "work" that didn't move her career forward. 

She joined Self-Publishing School. In this video from 2020, Ashley was already a bestselling author. She's since gone on to capture the prestigious USA Today's Bestselling Author title and published more books for her series. 


Paul James (P.C. James)

Fiction Bestselling Author, The Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries series, Cozy Mystery Genre

  • 8 books published, 9th to be published in June 2022
  • Amazon Bestseller in two categories, for the last book: The Dead of Winter
  • From December 2020 (first book published) to date (May 2022), 8945 books sold, and 1.9 million pages read
  • Earnings over $21k to date

Leigh Roberts

Epic Fantasy Bestselling Author

  • 17 books published with the SPS system since September 2019
  • 10,132,751 KENP page reads
  • 382 ratings for Book 1 with a 4.6-star average rating
  • Book 1 took 2nd place in the 2021 Reader's Favorite Award for Epic Fantasy

Rossana Corniel (R.C. Luna)

Fiction Author, Warrior Shefter, Paranormal Romance

  • 3 books published with the SPS system with one more launching May 17
  • Wrote three books in less than six months, after it took four years to write my first book
  • Learned how to plan, write, produce and market a series
  • Learned how to run AMS and other advertising methords
  • Increased my Word Per Minute from 20 WPM to 35 WPM
  • Created a newsletter of 1,400 Paranormal Romance book lovers within four months (started from 50 friends and family) with a 35% open rate and 6% click rate
  • Sold 173 books since launching three weeks ago
  • Discovered that U trill love writing and have grown as a writer from the process

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