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Nate Hambrick
Author, "Crush Your Kryptonite"

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Tired of Trying to Figure It Out for Yourself the HARD Way?

Easy Steps From Rough Draft to Finished Book

Get in the fast lane and finish your book.

In this short, one-hour class designed for aspiring authors, you'll:

A C T I O N  1

Create a Buzz in Your Niche

You're making the effort to write a book, but how do you take that idea and make it irresistible?

A quality book takes more than a quick draft and a simple self-edit to turn it into a bestseller. In this lesson, you'll learn how to solve a problem that creates a buzz in your niche.

A C T I O N  2

Keywords and Categories

In order to achieve a #1 ranking on Amazon, there are some critically important things you need to know about keywords and categories.

We'll cover the KEY THINGS you need to know in order to NAIL your keywords and categories so you can position your book for maximum sales!

A C T I O N  3

The Best Book Promotion Sites

In order to get momentum starting on day one of your launch, there are a few key strategies to follow. 

In this presentation, you'll learn the "how to" of book promotional sites, and the proven, step-by-step process to getting a rush of early reviews on your book (even if you're completely new to marketing)!

FREE Bonuses Included With This Training and LIVE Q&A!

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Bonus 1: Live Training Workbook + 20 Additional Resources to Help You PUBLISH!

In addition to workbook we'll use on this live training, you'll get access to 20 of our TOP resources to write and publish your book. You won't get access this resource deck anywhere else, so make sure you download your Webinar Workbook after you register for the live training. (The link to download your 20 BONUS Resources is inside your workbook)

Bonus 2: Free eBook & Audiobook
I really want you to succeed, so at the end of the training, I'm giving away free eBook copies (with free audiobook upgrade) of my new and updated bestseller Published.

16 BONUS RESOURCES (cheat sheets, checklists, and guides created by our expert book coaches) included with the book—$47 value—to help you continue writing your book - after the training ends!

Bonus 3: Free Author Strategy Call
Stay for the Q&A portion of the class and receive a free 45-minute book consultation and publishing assessment call with one of our Publishing Consultants. Our team of published authors want to answer your questions and provide you resources to take the next step in your author journey! ($249 value)

Ready To Write a High Quality Book and Hit Publish?

We're committed to impacting 120,000,000 lives by helping people tell their story.

Will you be next?

If you want impact lives (even if it's just yours),

write a book.

Self-Publishing School was built on the proven concept that books change lives and we believe building a business from your book increases that impact.
On average, one published book can impact and change 1,200 lives, including yours—the author!
We know to make an impact in our world for good, we need to
help as many people as possible write and publish the books they have inside them...
We've helped over 6,000 people publish their books already.
Are you ready to write your book?
In this training, you'll get everything you need to start writing your book and how you can leverage it to grow your passive author income—all inside this class.

We've Helped Over 6,000 People on 6 Continents Become Authors

From C-Average English students, to C-Suite Executives, we can help you too!

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These Self-Published Authors Started Here Too


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Hayden Crabtree
Nonfiction Bestselling Author, Business Owner
  • #1 bestseller in several categories, earning four figures per month in book royalties
  • ​Featured in podcasts with big names like Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki
  • Averaging $2,000-$3,000 per month in JUST book royalties 
  • Building a course from his book, he sold 80+ clients for $320,000 ($26,000 per month) for his real estate business
  • ​770+ Amazon reviews with a 4.5 average rating
  • ​Empowering people to invest in real estate to grow their passive income & build wealth on their own terms
mike acker

Speak With No Fear

Mike Acker
Nonfiction Bestselling Author - Business Owner
  • From full-time corporate job to consulting business thanks to his book
  • 676 reviews for book one with a 4.5 star average rating
  • 14 books written and published since starting with Self-Publishing School
  • ​Over $32,000 in earnings from his book in the first year
  • Changing the lives of people who want to speak and share powerful messages

Redefining Normal

Alexis & Justin Black

Alexis and Justin knew they had an experience that could help others, a story that could make a difference. And a difference it HAS made.

Since publishing their book Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat the Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love, Alexis and Justin have…

  • Won 10 book awards
  • ​Appeared on TV and several podcasts
  • ​Sold over 7,000 copies of their books in 1 year
  • ​Bought a house with the help of their royalties checks
  • Had an event named after their book where they were the keynote speakers
  • ​Are actively showing foster children everywhere that their life is not set in stone, that they can break free & succeed happily

And they have now started a business aimed at giving children in the foster system an opportunity to help others share their experience and heal—a business that made the Forbes Next 1000 list. All because they took action on their dream.

Liz HAD "Write A Book" On Her Bucket List...not anymore!

Liz knew she wanted to write a book, and even had a manuscript, but didn't know what to do from there.

Amazed by the free content, she decided to join SPS and says that it was "probably one of the best investments in my own personal and professional development, that I could make."

SPS Scott Groves Client Testimonial w_Chandler from Self-Publishing School on Vimeo.

Scott Groves Made $100k After Publishing

Since publishing his book he poured "lighter fluid" into his coaching and consulting business - generating more than $100,000 in revenue from speaking and consulting sales!  

He says that a book is the best business card you could have (it costs $3 and there's no better credibility).

Ready To Write a High Quality Book and Hit "Publish"?