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What is "Published."?

Published. The Proven Path from Blank Page to 10,000 Copies Sold is THE FULL, nothing hidden, nothing held back, ULTIMATE guide book for people who are looking to write and publish a book - that actually sells....

It's not a secret anymore...

Self-publishing a book is the best path to accomplishing your dreams and impacting lives because...

  • It's a one-time investment of your time that can make an impact for years to come (and pay you for years into the future...)
  • You no longer have to waste years of your life on the publishing process like you once had to.
  • ​You no longer have to wait for the “approval” that your story and experiences are worth sharing.
  • ​You no longer have to give up your creative control or hard-earned royalties for ideas that are yours
  • ​You no longer have to lose sleep over the thoughts that this purpose, this story, this message will never see the light of day.

Now, you can have all those things... and more.

  • Now, you can dictate what you write and how you write it. 
  • Now, you get to be paid in full for the hard work and value you bring. 
  • Now you get to wake up every day and do something that you love and are passionate about - and best of all....
  • Now you can impact thousands of lives with your unique story or experience (or world and characters)!

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Imagine the life of waking up on your own time
to a to-do list is completely up to you.
Your friends, neighbors, and even acquaintances you rarely hear from
continuously gape at the fact that you’re really a Published Author!
You receive messages and emails daily
thanking you for sharing your story because it helped someone when they needed it most. 
So much so, that you’re even thinking about starting a business to impact even more
lives with your message or themes.
You end your day feeling like you have a purpose, like you finally found the one thing
you’re meant to do in this life.
This is the reality for our students Alexis and Justin Black, two former foster kids who 
defied the odds stacked against them.
They knew something that many others didn’t…

testimonial-alexis-justinAlexis and Justin knew they had an experience that could help others, a story that could make a difference. And a difference it HAS made.

Since publishing their book Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat the Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love, Alexis and Justin have…

â—Ź  Won 10 book awards
â—Ź  Appeared on TV and several podcasts
â—Ź  Sold over 7,000 copies of their books in 1 year
â—Ź  Bought a house with the help of their royalties checks
â—Ź  Had an event named after their book where they were the keynote speakers
â—Ź  Are actively showing foster children everywhere that their life is not set in stone, that they can break free & succeed happily

And they have now started a business aimed at giving youths like themselves an opportunity to help others share their experience and heal—that made the Forbes Next 1000 list.

All because of the very systems and processes outlined in this Second Edition of Published...

All because they took action on their dream.

What's New In The Updated & Expanded Edition: 



The Full Process: From Blank Page to Selling 10,000 Copies (& Beyond)

It's the entire process. Whether you haven't started writing, have a finished manuscript, or have even published your book already, this book will you take the next steps toward success.

  • Writing: Our proprietary strategies to write better, faster that you can use on your first or even fifth book.
  • Publishing: Exclusive tactics to help your book snag a Bestseller banner.
  • Marketing Beyond The Launch: How to keep your sales consistent even after the hype of your launch dies down.

All 3 Phases Broken Down in Digestible, Actionable Chunks for Easier Success

  • Phase 1: Blank Page to Published
  • Phase 2: Build Your Platform
  • Phase 3: Build Your Business (products or authorhood)

The M.O.W System of Writing More, Faster 

  • Mind mapping: Clarify your thoughts and get them all out there—a filter for your ideas.
  • Outlining: Taking your mindmap and locating the best pieces and nuggets to include in your books.
  • Writing: How to write more, consistently so you can finish your draft quicker and with higher quality.

The 3 Legged Stool Methodology for Marketing Your Book Long-Term

  • Email list: A non-negotiable for serious authors. We show you how to build it and get more out of your subscribers.
  • Ongoing promotions: What can you include on an ongoing basis to attract new readers?
  • Building an author brand: Going full-time means having a full-plan. We break down what this looks like and how to do it effectively.

Building an Author Email List Effectively with High Converting Pages (Examples, & More)

  • Lead magnets: What are they and how do you come up with the right freebies to get your book-buyers to become email list subscribers you can sell to again and again.
  • Landing pages: How to build and order your landing page in order to maximize email list sign-ups for your freebie offer and grow your list consistently.

Your Possibilities As An Author...

Authors who used our system to change their life - and the lives of others


Hayden Crabtree

Nonfiction Bestselling Author, Business Owner

  • #1 bestseller in several categories, earning 4-figures per month in book royalties
  • ​Featured in podcasts with big names like Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki
  • Thousands of dollars earned  for his real estate business by using his book as a customer generator
  • ​694+ Amazon reviews with a 4.5 average rating
  • ​Empowering people to invest in real estate to grow their passive income & build wealth on their own terms

Deborah Z. Haile &
Jonah Seyum

Children's Bestselling Authors, Award Winners

  • 2 Bestselling books & Tiny Global Footprints, LLC established
  • Features in TripAdvisor, BuzzFeed, Travel Noire, Authority Magazine, Billion Success
  • 15+ Podcast interviews & features
  • ​Youngest Author Award for Jonah for publishing a bestseller at age 7
  • ​Inspiring children everywhere to travel, learn, and grow!

Leona Crowley

Fiction Bestselling Author

  • 8 books published with the SPS system (after originally only planning to publish 1)
  • 319 reviews for book 1 with a 4.4 star average rating
  • Millions of pages of these books read by fans (1.3 Million page reads in a single month!)
  • ​Over $5,700 in earnings in one month just from page reads (through Kindle Unlimited)
  • ​Providing an escape and entertainment for dreamers  - all with the anonymity of a pen name

More You'll Have to Read to Learn About...

What you can expect & concepts undercover in the updated version

  • Chapter 1 - Leveraged Impact: "Once you create the book, it can impact thousands, tens of thousands, or maybe even millions of people. That’s what it means to bring leverage to the impact you’re trying to make in this world."

  • Chapter 4 - What to Write About: "Writing a book in this category is one of the single best things you can do to get a raise, get promoted, or grow your business."

  • Chapter 5 - The Magic of Mind Mapping: "By the end of this chapter, or when you put the content of this chapter into action, you will have a giant—eureka!—epiphany. You will realize you have significantly more to write about than you thought."

  • ​Chapter 7 - The 30 Day Rough Draft Challenge: "Books come in all shapes and sizes. Give yourself permission to make your book as long or as short as you need." 

  • ​Chapter 8 - Crisis of Meaning: "If you find yourself swaying towards revising your book forever, a good principle to turn to is Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law says: 'an object will swell to fill the container it’s in.'"

  • ​Chapter 9 - How to Hire & Work With an Editor: "I see more writers stall out and quit in the editing phase than at any other stage of this process...These writers continue editing for months (or maybe years), and their books never see the light of day."

  • ​Chapter 10 - Coming Up With Your Bestselling Book Title: "Your book title should be clear, not clever."

  • ​Chapter 11 - Designing Your Bestselling Book Cover: "Sometimes there’s overlap, but not always. I’ve seen many “well-designed” covers that look good but do a horrible job of getting people to purchase the book, while some “ugly” covers sell well." 

  • ​Chapter 13 - The Psychology of Marketing: "How you position a product is the difference between nobody wanting it and your book becoming a household name."

  • ​Chapter 16 - Building an Audience (And an Email List) Using Your Book: "People go to social media to be entertained. They go to email to get things done. It’s the universal communication medium nearly everyone uses."

  • ​Chapter 20 - The Road to Your First (Or Next) 100 Reviews: "With most Americans only reading 1-4 books per year, they need to know for sure they should take a chance on your book. That’s where reviews come in."

  • ​Chapter 22 - The One Year Launch: "To get there, you have to build a bridge. In this case, the bridge represents a consistent channel of book sales and revenue taking you from 'Published Author Island' to 'Sell More Books Island'."

  • ​Chapter 23 - Four More Ways to Sell Book After Your Launch: "In marketing, it’s less about how successful your first tests are. It’s about how many tests you run over time and how quickly you iterate based on what you learn."

  • ​Chapter 24 - Booking Author Speaking Appearances to Sell More Books & Grow Your Business: "One of the biggest surprises for me was how impactful Author Appearances are for selling books, building my author brand, and opening up even more opportunities beyond the book."

  • ​Chapter 27 - Your Implementation Plan: "Our goal is to help you finally write and publish a quality book you’re proud of that sells more copies, all while saving you hundreds of hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process."   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, no, we cannot ship physical copies internationally. However, if you fill in this form and live outside the U.S., you will get a PDF copy of the new edition when it becomes available.

When does the new edition of Published. launch?
The updated edition, Published. The Proven Path From Blank Page to 10,000 Copies Sold will launch on December 14, 2021.
When can I expect my physical copy will get delivered?
Due to holiday shipping, you may expect your physical copy of Published. to be delivered 2 weeks after the launch date (but possibly later depending on shipping volume). BUT, everyone who opts in for a physical copy using the form above will get a free PDF copy when it becomes available (on launch day).
Is this a lot different from the first version, or only a little?
A lot different. Not only are existing sections updated with new tactics and methods for success from the last 5 years since it was first written, there are also entirely new sections that don't exist in the current version, including much of the book marketing, author appearances, and on-going sales updates in the new edition (not to mention new frameworks and challenges).
Will this help me if I write fiction books? 
Yes! Unlike the first edition of the book, the newly updated version will have content to include the fiction writing, marketing, and publishing process (that can differ from the nonfiction strategies) based on the success of our current bestselling fiction coaches and students.
Will this help me if I write children's books?
Yes! Unlike the first edition of the book, the newly updated version will have content to include the writing, marketing, and publishing process for children's books since it differs so much from nonfiction and fiction.
Will this help me if I want to write a memoir?
Yes! Memoirs are like a combination between fiction and nonfiction writing, and you will learn and hear stories about successful memoir students as well.
Will this help me if I already wrote and published a book, but am having trouble selling copies consistently?
Yes! The biggest updates to the newest edition are the vast sections on consistent and effective book marketing tactics that help our students sell thousands of copies well after their book launch.
Are you really giving away this book completely for free?
Yes, we really really are. Absolutely no cost to you in order to receive a copy of the updated edition (the first time it has ever been updated in over 5 years).


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