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How to Write 3 Amazing Children's Books in Only 6 Months - That Actually Sell!

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How To Leave A Legacy With Your Children's Book 


Learn the SIMPLE process to writing a book that will change lives for generations to come...

In this one hour class, you'll learn the same process I used to write three impactful children's book in under 90 days. 


How to FINALLY take action on your children's book

Learn how to get the story inside of you, out and onto paper - where you can make a positive impact on children around the world! Write a story that kids want to read and parents want to buy!

Your story can't change the world if it dies with you. This is your chance to impact the next generation of change-makers.


Overcoming what has held you back from getting your kids books done, and done well

Once you have your story mapped out, you'll need to learn how to make and print your book. From editing, to finding an illustrator, to choosing a printer, you'll learn the "behind-the-scenes" process of children's book production!


How to launch your kids books to sell copies daily over the long run

Lesson three is all about getting your book out there. If you know someone who has written a children's book, but it didn't sell, you'll want to take notes on this section. You'll learn how to successfully launch your children's book and leverage it for impact and sales! 

Ready To Learn How To Successfully Write and Sell Your Children's Book to Impact Kids?

Meet Your Host
Josiah Fogle

Children's Book Author, and Author Resource Specialist at Self Publishing School

Josiah is a Children's Book Author, and Author Resource Specialist at Self -Publishing School where his main focus is helping aspiring authors get results with their book and/or business.

He’s also the author of "David's Mighty Men: Stories With Grandpa," which is a Christian book about how God gave some people super strength to do amazing and almost unbelievable things!

We're committed to impacting 120,000,000 lives by helping people tell their story.

If you want impact lives and shift culture through stories, write a book.

Self-Publishing School was built on the proven concept that "books change lives" and we believe building a business from your book increases that impact.

On average, one published book can impact and change 1200 lives - including yours - the author!
We know to make an impact in our world for good, we need to help as many people as possible write and publish the books they have inside them...
 We've Helped Over 8,850 People in 91 countries on 6 Continents Become Authors

From "C-Average" English students, to C-Suite Executives, we can help you, too!

Bonuses Included With This Training and LIVE Q&A!

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Free eBook & Audiobook

I really want you to succeed, so at the end of the training, I'm giving away free eBook copies (with free audiobook upgrade) of my new and updated bestseller "Published." 

16 BONUS RESOURCES (cheat sheets, checklists, and guides created by our expert book coaches) included with the book - $47 value - to help you continue writing your book - after the training ends!


Free Author Strategy Call

Stay for the Q&A portion of the class and receive a free 45-minute book consultation and publishing assessment call with one of our Publishing Consultants. Our team of published authors want to answer your questions and provide you resources to take the next step in your author journey! ($249 value)

These Self-Published Authors Started Here, Too... 


Aiden M. Taylor

Author of Me and My Afro
Bestselling Children's Book Author

Aiden was only 11 years old when he write his first book together with his mom Monique Taylor. In this tale about a boy and his favorite hairstyle, Aiden helps other kids discover and celebrate the unique things they love about themselves! 


Meredith Tullous

Author of A Gift to Remember
Bestselling Children's Book Author
  • Joined SPS march 2020
  • Published June 2020
  • Have had periods of selling 25 books per day!
  • Over 220 reviews on Amazon
  • Got interviewed by Chandler on the SPS podcast in november 2020!

Deborah Haile and son, Jonah Seyum

Authors of Finding My Amigo in Cuba

  • Got featured in TripAdvisor, Buzzfeed, Travel Noire, Authority Magazine, Billion Success
  • Featured on 15 + podcasts
  • In 2021, Jonah won “The Youngest Author Award” for publishing at 7 years old!
  • Has self-published five books to date! 

Susie Harder

Author of Where's My House? Sierra National Forest

Susie published her best selling children’s book “Where’s My House?: Sierra National Forest” to empower and encourage children that had lost their homes in the largest wildfire in California state history.

The ensuin
g PR opportunities led to a documentary, and quickly grew into a global literacy-based program designed to engage kids in writing and publishing their own books while directing to the proceeds to support the local community.

Ready to Write A Book That Children Will Love For Generations To Come?

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