The 3 Worst Mistakes You're Making on Social Media

How to Leverage Social Platforms To Gain More Followers and Exposure as a Writer

Presented by Bella Pope, Content Marketing Manager at
Self-Publishing School

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On this ALL NEW workshop, here's everything you'll learn for FREE:

  • Audiences per platform: Learn which social platforms to leverage for your target customer, and how to speak directly to them!
  • Give, give, give, ask: Learn how to provide value for your readers that will convert, Fiction or Non-fiction alike!
  • Shows us who you are: Discover 5 ways to establish your author brand and help your audience get to know, like, and trust you (PS: it doesn't have to be selfies!)

Meet Your Host, Bella Pope

Content Management & Branding Specialist at Self-Publishing School

Spending the last 6 years in the world of marketing, content creation, and books (& publishing) has taught me so many things about what gets people's attention in this world. It's what made my role here as Content Creation & Branding Specialist so pivotal in Self-Publishing School's growth.

This coupled with my understanding of people, their motivations, and what makes them tick has allowed for growth not only within my own social platforms, but with Self-Publishing School's as well.